Whatever will be ...will be
but as for right now just stay here with me.

who am i ?
i am nobody.
i am known.
i am dead.
i am alive.
i am following.
i am leading.
i am weak.
i am strong.
i am foolish.
i am wise.
i am not random.
i [am ] for this exact moment of time.

i luf mustaches on your facce

no message

ah summer

no message


found these amazing boots at goodwill today ... these are going in a photoshoot pronto
And i found these amazing red boots at goodwill today but alas they werent my size..... = angry

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Its going to be a great summer! 


im here for now... but someday...
i'll be 

... im not freaking out.

i swear i might go a little crazy if i don't get a chance to love you.

grow hair groww

so this is pretty much exactly where my hair is at right now... style color cut.. i've been trying to grow it out for what seems like forever but actually its just been since aug 2010...well almost a year but i'm coming from a pretty short faux hawk..

this is the goal.. hope its not tooo much longer till its this long

my fav makeup

i'm a big fan of au natural skin... and the nude lip look

hate skinny brows .. well formed brows = awesomee!

dramatic eyes and lashes  fabbbyluss

artistically trendy

well i really hate the idea of being trendy but if the shoe fits.. . 
i think its just cause i get bored and am always seeking new inspiration and have a broad appreciation for fashion and style =] here are my picks for 2011 fashion trends
think hawaii print colors and 80's geometric shapes... very bright and poppy colors

i think this 70's  is going to be the look this summer, floppy hats, bell bottoms,wedge heels and the middle part flowy hair.. 
sometimes i wish i didnt live in such a fashion stunted area so 
i could enjoy the change of "fashion seasons" lol but alas maybe i can squeeze nyc in for a visit  ugg i hope 

going into fall i think its going to go 80's ish.. i could be wrong but its fun to guess around 

well i think..

gosh i just love boys on bikes... 

i want to make these I LOVE THEMMM

fact: we should just have a day that we wear top hats.


thats it... thats the dress.... must have.

now it makes sense

... i thought its just cause i was crazy.

best friends for ...

we were supposed to be best friends forever... you said... you promised... what happened to all those
things you said?
i freakin
miss you.

i like danger

so its stormy here and threats of tornadoes and wind and hail ..
 but its calm inside me.. too calm sometimes i think.
its like i'm ok with danger or the threat of it. . . why aren't i scared ?
i think somethings wrong with me...
i look forward to the rush
i think i live on  adrenaline.
its the only thing left
that makes me feel alive
... and it makes me forget.

you said...

you said one time that God put me in your life for a reason...
i pray you're right.


remember your first love .. 
remember that ?
well i had to let go of mine...
and you're the 
first person 
makes me 
i let
so please don't 
walk away 

so true


i hate dreams


sarcastic smiles

oh my heart just 
 up with joy 
when i see how great you're
getting along without

summertime breezes

i like how i still get childishly excited at the start of summer
like im still 9 years old and i'm going to
get to spend all day wasting it on mudpies
and backyard baseball....
and then i remember society says:
" you're a groan-up now."
no breaks. 

why not... lets go please

don't you just wanna wander down this road?
i do...
..and you should be with me.

Organic Canopy

So I would consider myself that melencholy semi-dramatic artist personality... and yesterday I found myself in an all to familiar mood of contemplation .. " Why am I so uninspired..?" 
The most creative answer I came up with that made me want to actually get my artsy self out of bed was I needed a organic / whimsical canopy over my bed. So i spent the day gathering branches and forming a tent of tulle and twine.. added some strings of flower petal garland and lights to complete the ambiance and atmosphere.
i liked it.

Ahh love sometimes its good and sometimes its not.

I hate it when you feel so much but you aren't allowed to say it because its "too forward".. Its out of place for a girl to say such things... Bleh.. why can't we just be honest .. its not fair ... 

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