a painting of words

For so long I struggled in vain-
Vain attempts to disguise the weakness;
Building walls to keep the condescending at bay.
Hiding myself  behind a mirage of strength,
I was falling apart inside.
The vulnerability could no longer be repressed,
And like a fragile bud breaks through  from the earth,
I crept out of the prison I had built...

Freedom was my oxygen
Exploding like air into gasping lungs  I began to breathe.
The world was new and my eyes raced to capture its beauty!
I was free; the chains of human expectations no longer restraining.

Yet like an innocent child will venture with fearless wonder-
And adventure holds no risks to the bright eyes of the young,
Trials circled above seeking the tender sprouts  of trust that grew from my soul.
Looming  were the clouds of affliction
And heavy upon my faith raindrops of suffering fell.

I questioned the pain.
I feared the discomfort!
Franticly searching for an escape,
I turned to rebuild the remains of my cage.
But faintly my untrained ear heard a voice...
So I stood quiet, my trembling soul was still.
And I saw it unveiled  in my silence... a mighty fortress-
Its gate lowered like eager arms it stood anticipating my approach!

I stood like a startled deer- I quivered on the brink of flight.
But the gentle call and quiet assurance drew me step by step
This peaceful stronghold gathered me in.

Now I’ve found security,
A safe hiding place for my soul!
It surrounds my heart,
And I am shielded.
Those who seek my downfall cannot overthrow its protection!
I am comforted in the love that surrounds me,
I am confident in the strength of my defender;
And though I face the impossible and I fight its fearful blows-
I am unscathed.
Forever, I am embedded in the unfailing,
And I am preserved.


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