Her chest constricts ,she can hardly breathe.
The darkness of the room she can taste
She suffocates on the space around her.
Tears ache to escape .
The knot in her throat grows
Her mind tries to stomp out every light in her soul.
She just wants a mother to hold her close,
A father to watch over and protect.
She feels like an orphan at a family reunion,
Like a bird with no nest .
Friends what are they ? Existance is just a word.
Family what is that? Just a fantasy,a mindless mirage
What is the ache inside ... this gaping hole in her chest?
Its a place empty and starving to be filled...
But even if She doesn't feel it right now..
She knows.
She knows who holds the key, who alone can complete her.....
"God" she whispers,
I'm asking you to fix me.
I'm asking you to love me.
I want you -
Just you.
I'm sorry for my wanderings....
I hate my mind when it wonders the lies.
Be my mother.
Be my father.
Be my family.
Be my friend.

She might not feel it now but she knows.

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